Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drawings/Paintings in Grade 6 (2010-11) 1 of 2

Drawings/paintings done between Sep 2010 and Jan 2011 are put here.

Drawings on 11"x14" paper using twistable color pencils:

Various drawings on Perspective. All 3 drawings are on 11"x14" paper.

An acrylic painting on 11"x14" watercolor paper which is framed and given to my class teacher for the Christmas. This is based on my earlier acrylic painting below.
2 artworks on Halloween. The left one was an acrylic painting on 9"x12" paper done at home while the right one was a drawing with color pencils as a school artwork. 

An artwork (left) done in school based on an enlarged area on a photo taken from a magazine and using color pencils.
Acrylic paintings on 9''x12" watercolor paper:

Acrylic paintings on 11"x14" watercolor paper:
Acrylic paintings on 12"x12" canvas paper and 12"x16" canvas board: